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TEXENSE® Monitoring Fastener

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Targetted industries

Capitalizing on more than 20 years of experience, TEXYS Group brings forward the TM-FAST® solution for all types of industries, which can be adapted to a multitude of applications requiring monitoring of clamping loads, surveillance and preventive maintenance of infrastructures.

Aeronautics, space & defense High Stress Environments

The aeronautics, space and defense sectors involve demanding, even extreme environments.

Thanks to TM-FAST®, TEXYS Group offers solutions applicable to these high-tech sectors. Whether on a test bench or in real conditions, instrumented screws can be located at strategic points requiring monitoring on a regular basis.

It is possible to find them on junctions between fuselage and wing, engine and pylon or launcher sections, or more generally on satellites or defense ground vehicles.

Aeronautics, space & defense

Transportation In constant motion

Automotive, trucks, buses, agricultural and special machines, railway, maritime... the TM-FAST® solution will allow you to install, monitor and analyze rigorously the tightening tension in constraining environments. Beyond the classic torque applied with tools usually used in the mechanical industry, the measurement of assembly loads will push back the design limits of your systems.

This solution meets high performance requirements as seen in motorsports - a key area of focus for TEXYS Group.


Energy Monitoring & scheduled intervention

Equipment monitoring is a major issue in the energy production and supply sector. Energy production infrastructures (nuclear power, renewable energies such as wind turbines, tidal turbines, etc.) require permanent monitoring.

The TM-FAST® solution enables to anticipate, schedule and optimize intervention cycles by continuously measuring the tension and by remotely controlling the data collected in places that are often difficult to access.


SHM – Civil engineering Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is one of the top priorities for large structures. The TM-FAST® solution is an undeniable asset in risk prevention and monitoring of infrastructures such as bridges, dams, dykes, and railway networks.

The instrumented screws allow for continuous local measurement of the tension at specific points of these oversized systems.

For this type of installation, TM-FAST® technology allows, for example, the analysis of information from a mesh of points, collected on one or more interrogation units and transmitted remotely to the operating station.

SHM – Civil engineering

Industry Constrained environments

In mechanical industries, from mining to forging, from chemical and petrochemical plants to stamping and assembly units, measuring systems are regularly put to the test, undergoing a variety of high stresses depending on the environment. With the TM-FAST® instrumented screws, TEXYS Group offers an adapted technological solution.

The choice among the TM-FAST® variants will be made in accordance with the environment close to the installation in order to ensure an optimal measurement and a reliable data transmission under difficult conditions: oil mist, dust, electromagnetic interferences, high gas or liquid temperatures, explosive risks.