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Why choose TM-FAST® by Texys for your bolted joints applications?

Our objective is to offer you the best solution on the market that meets your needs as closely as possible.

All the products and solutions developed and offered by TM-FAST® by Texys, whether STANDARD or CUSTOM, allow the realization of instrumented installations in perfect adequacy with your expectations. Our engineers are at your service to advise you in your choices and to meet your needs.

  • In its C range, TM-FAST® offers a wired, instrumented bolt integrating the sensitive element (strain sensor) in the screw head and a remote measurement conditioner outputting a modulating analog signal.
  • The 2nd range, called TM-FAST-WL, uses wireless technology. Our latest version uses Peer-To-Peer communication via NFC (Near Field Communication).

Instrumented screw with strain sensor & remote measurement conditioner
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Self-powered instrumented screw with strain sensor, integrated measurement conditioner and NFC wireless technology
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