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Who are we ? Presentation

TEXYS was founded in 1999 by Etienne Deméocq (former Head of Electronics of the Ligier Formula 1™ team, later Prost Grand Prix) and has been developed across the globe over the years with his business partner Philippe Leuwers.

TEXYS is now one of the leading manufacturers of electronic sensing devices.

At TEXYS we design, develop, manufacture and trade our wide range of TEXENSE® sensors for embedded measurement and monitoring (pressures, loads, temperatures, speeds, inertias, current) and we are globally recognized as experts in different technologies (infrared, optical fiber, strain gauging, wireless communication, signal conditioning).

Presentation of Texys Group
Motorsport Motorsport
& space Aeronautics
& space
Automotive Automotive
Mechanics Mechanics

In 2020, TEXYS Group has expanded its custom development capabilities with fiber optic technology, thanks to the acquisition of both Optel-Thevon, now OPTEL-TEXYS and Light Guide Solutions, now LGS by TEXYS.

Our products and services are widely used and relied upon in various industries: Motorsport (from junior series to the highest level such as Endurance, Formula 1™, Formula E™, IndyCar™, Moto GP™, NASCAR™ and Rally), Aeronautics, Space, Automotive (Manufacturers, OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers), Marine, Shipbuilding and Railway.

TEXYS Group develops its international commercial activities around its brands TEXENSE®, LGS by TEXYS and OPTEL-TEXYS, thanks to its subsidiaries and its well-established distribution network. Our ambition is to grow our portfolio of class-leading, high-end technological products and services to complement our existing product range, whilst providing cost-effective and value for money solutions to our clients.

Our values 20 years of know-how

TEXYS Group’s DNA is rooted in Motorsport. The demanding and high-level expectations of such an environment have guided us towards natural objectives: manufacture products at the highest level of quality & offer exceptional responsiveness and flexibility. Those values are the cornerstone for the business relationships with our clients and partners.

Within the meticulous and complex world of embedded electronics, our enthusiasm to take on new challenges drives us to offer creative, enhanced, and custom technological solutions to meet our clients’ performance expectations.

Our experienced staff are used to short development cycles, with quality and lead times as top priorities. Thanks to 20+ years of craftsmanship in sensor technologies, we can provide turnkey solutions from initial ideas through to the finalized product and full client support.

Texys Group - 20 years of know-how
& flexibility Know-how
& flexibility
70% export 70% export
Expertise Expertise
Tailor-made Tailor-made

Our locations An international network

As one of the market leaders in the manufacturing of sensing technologies and benefiting from a
strong worldwide distribution network, our 49 staff are based in 5 different locations:
Varennes-Vauzelles [HQ], Nevers and Paris (FR), Heidelberg (GER) and Indianapolis (USA).

Our distributors have been selected based on their expertise and experience servicing the high
technology devices market and are located in the United Kingdom (TEXYS UK Ltd.), in Italy (Power On
srl) and in Japan (Cyan, Co. Ltd).

Should your territory not yet be covered by our distribution network, you can find our products on
our online store:

Texys Group - an international network